How to know a job a girl/lady is doing just by looking at her dressing code


It’s very easy to know a ladies occupation just by looking at the way she dresses, unlike boys, ladies dress code change with her job and this is how you know.

A lady is putting on a long round skirt and a madowadowa blouse then she’s rapping herself with buleeso, having a small bag tied around her waist, she works in a food stuff market. Owino, Kasubi, Ggaba and all other markets you know, that’s where she’s going.

A lady in a suit, nice looking input, a well ironed trouser and sometimes a skirt with high heels, she is either a lawyer or she works in a Bank.

She’s putting on a legging, jeans with damage, patras, she works on Mobile Money. In fact some places like Kabalagala, they even put on Bikins and Bikers and go to their yellow stalls to work.

You meet a lady, she’s putting on dresses with no definition, heavy makeup she looks like a dura coat advert, weird hairstyles, her eyebrows look like the colors of Uganda Flag then she moves up and down, after 40 minutes, she changes the clothes and comes back just to buy airtime, she goes back in the evening passes around in other clothes, that one is a slay queen. She’s doing nothing other than slaying.

You meet a lady she’s putting on only a shirt and she has no trouser or shorts or if it’s there, you are not sure unless you first remove the shirt, then two of her friends are putting on tight jeans that need to first smear a jerry on their bodies to have a slippery body that will allow those jeans to be removed with some tops that cover only breasts but all the remaining parts are out, in fact, part of the breasts (cleavage) is also out, those are campus girls.

Then you meet a lady in an arcade with a Manchester United Jersey, Fly Emirates and Yokohama Tyres, those are supplying fruits and juice, don’t look father if you are in need.

You meet ladies, putting on a weird uniforms, yellow skirts and green blouses, red blouses, purple skirts moving in a group. Those are church choir members at a certain Pentecostal church


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