Our Pearl of Africa Heros: Creators Ugandan Made Cars - Kiira EV Smack


The KIIRA EV SMACK is a 5-seater front-wheel-drive sedan with a traction motor powered by a rechargeable battery bank and an internal combustion engine-based generator. It is the first Electric Hybrid Vehicle designed and built in Africa.

This configuration of two power sources ensures an unlimited range and increases the efficiency of the powertrain, hence enhancing fuel economy. This innovative and iterative development programme was envisaged to realize KMC’s systems and requisite competencies for the relevant and beneficial institutionalization of an automotive industry in Uganda.

The vision of KMC represents the commitment of Uganda to develop indigenous solutions to her essential needs as well as being a fountain of the heritage of the Pearl of Africa.

Am proud of you guys keep kicking ass … :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Great work … step by step … My question is how much is our Ugandan made car :oncoming_automobile: Kiira Motors ???


92 Million


Ehh that is a lot money … but the good thing its zero Millage